Submit Your One Liner Explaining Why You Support Local Education

Rachel Burke

Wyatt Nebeker

The best choice is multiple choice

Karen Lee

No one knows a child better than a nurturing mother. Take the control and decisions away from the mother and a child will not receive what is best for them.

Education is the gateway to controlling the masses from childhood and should NEVER be entrusted to Federal government especially when controlled by Liberals and Socialists.

Stephanie Morgan


I support local control in our educational area because parents and those closest to our students know what is best for them; not an uninformed board of individuals that have no concept of what is needed locally and are so removed from the daily activities of our students.

The shift from local control to a frenzied fascination with federal conformity has shifted the institutional focus of schools from providing opportunity to guaranteeing success.  Educators are becoming increasingly willing to strip children and parents of freedom in education to pursue a guaranteed outcome through an equality of input.s

Kim Hoover

Jed and Janel Norwood

Our Community can best reflect our standards for excellence in our schools and children need to be taught under the guidelines of parents' values

I homeschool my children. That should say it all!

Erika Polley


It is my RIGHT and I refuse to let the Federal Government take it.  I expect the State to fight for my RIGHTS and not sell my Rights for money

Anytime the Federal government tries to control state issues, becomes very concerning to me.  There is a reason our founding fathers created a UNITED STATES of America.  It means we are united as one nation, but that states have the main control over the decisions to be made concerning them.  Nationalizing education, healthcare, or a multitude of other issues is not right.  It limits states rights, and goes against what our founding fathers wanted to create for their decedents.